YAS is an association for young practitioners (aged 45 and below) in the field of arbitration and commercial litigation, with more than 400 members in Sweden and abroad.

YAS provides a platform for networking and exchanging knowledge in the arbitration community for the purpose of increasing know-how and develop interest in arbitration practices among young professionals in the field of commercial dispute resolution. To achieve this, YAS frequently organises seminars, trainings and other activities in Sweden and abroad.

In addition, YAS is active in promoting Sweden as a seat in international arbitration, and Swedish law as applicable substantive law in international commercial contracts. For this purpose, and in cooperation with the Swedish Arbitration Association (SAA), YAS has published the brochure Swedish Law and Arbitration – Reasons for Choosing Swedish Law and Dispute Resolution in International Commercial Contracts (download available below). The brochure has been published in English, Russian and Chinese and is a useful guide to lawyers and others involved in drafting international commercial contracts.

Membership in YAS is open for Swedish and foreign lawyers (attorneys, judges and others) aged 45 and below, who are active in the field of arbitration and commercial litigation.

YAS West

YAS has a regional subcommittee in the Gothenburg greater area, YAS West, which organises regional activities and seminars. YAS West was established in 2015 and sprung from the former regional association Göteborgs Yngreförening för Kommersiell Tvistlösning, GYKT, when GYKT merged with YAS.

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YAS Advisory Board

The YAS Board and the YAS West Regional Committee are supported by an Advisory Board consisting of members that are actively involved in organising seminars, conferences and other events. The members of YAS Advisory Board are elected by the Board for a one-year mandate.

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International co-operation

YAS is one of 38 young forums that are part of the umbrella organ Co-Chairs’ Circle (CCC). CCC is an informal platform for the sister organisations to meet and exchange ideas about topics they consider relevant, to reflect on current trends and to team up to gain greater weight as the young voice of the international arbitration community.